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Areas of Activities

Jonavos grūdai, AB started its activities in 1974. In 1995 the company was reorganized into a special-purpose public limited liability company Jonavos grūdai and in 2003 was reregistered into a public limited liability company Jonavos grūdai, AB.

The company provides grain and rapeseed processing and storage services and is engaged in the wholesale grain and rapeseed trade.

The location of the divisions of the public limited liability company Jonavos grūdai is convenient for grain growers and facilitates their service in several districts of Lithuania.

At the moment the company consists of 2 operating grain processing and storage complexes established in Jonava and Ukmergė municipalities.

The company’s central division is located in Jonava – a grain elevator with a storage capacity of 113,000 tonnes. The elevator is capable of collecting up to 2,500 tonnes of grain and rapeseed per day. Over 1,000 tonnes of grain or rapeseed can be automatically loaded into and unloaded from wagons and motor vehicles.

After the reconstruction of the grain storages in Ukmergė in 2007 the aesthetics and technological performance of the company’s division were improved. The collection of grain/rapeseed and processes of drying, cleaning and storing are fully automated. Currently the grain storages in Ukmergė are capable of collecting grains of all species, including summer and winter rapeseed. The total capacity of the storages is up to 12,000 tonnes. The storage can collect up to 1,000 tonnes of grain and rapeseed and load up to 500 tonnes of grain/rapeseed into motor vehicles.

In 2010–2011 Jonavos grūdai, AB invested over 5 million litas in modernization of the elevator. During the modernization the elevator’s infrastructure was renewed as well: roads, sites, landscape, gas circuit and sewage system. A new rapeseed collection complex was built which enabled to collect rapeseed in Jonava as well. A new modern rapeseed/grain collection station was built and a grain/rapeseed cleaner, ventilated storages for wet grain, a modern dryer, rapeseed transporters and bucket elevators as well as a line with batch weighting scales for loading rapeseed into wagons and motor vehicles were installed. The line enables to simultaneously collect, store and load grain and rapeseed.

At the moment the authorised capital of Jonavos grūdai, AB amounts to more than 16 million litas, out of which 70 % is owned by the state and 30 % is owned by legal and natural persons.

The company operates in accordance with the long-term public and other contractual commitments. The company prepares and stores cereals offered into intervention as ordered by the State Enterprise Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Market Regulation Agency.

 Jonavos grūdai, AB holds LST EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for the following activities: activities of elevators, grain storage and processing services, sale of grain and their products. The certificate is valid until 2016.

The company’s mission is to provide services of primary preparation and storage of grain and rapeseed in the competitive market and conduct the wholesale grain and rapeseed trade.

Although the business is developed successfully, the company strives to achieve more ambitious results and has a vision - a modern elevator in the central Lithuania which would ensure: high quality services for the clients, guaranteed return on assets for the owners of the company and competitive work conditions for the employees.

When striving for its goals the company follows the deeply rooted and cherished values: - transparency – transparent and open activities, exemplary management of the company; - high quality services – services provided in accordance with agreed requirements and in time; - reliability – priority is given to the client’s requirements; - high employee satisfaction – the company cares about its employees.