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    We regularly buy all kinds of grain and rapeseed at competitive prices in Jonava and Ukmergė.

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    We transport all kind of grains and powdery products at competitive prices in Lithuanian territory.

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    We regularly buy all kinds of grain and rapeseed at competitive prices in Jonava and Ukmergė.

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    We are and strive to be your reliable business partner, so probably we make the fastest payments for the delivered production in Lithuania.

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NAUJO DERLIAUS GRŪDŲ SUPIRKIMO KAINOS 2020-07-07 (nuo 14:00 val.).





Jonavos elevatorius, Darbininkų g. 21, Jonava (Eur / t be PVM)

Ukmergės grūdų/rapsų supirkimo/priėmimo punktas, Stoties g. 1, Ukmergė (Eur / t be PVM) 

Ekstra klasė 159 157
1 klasė 155 153
2 klasė 153 151
3 klasė 143 141
4 klasė 135 133

 Žirniai (pašariniai)



Miežiai 128 126
1 klasė  -  -
2 klasė  - -
Kvietrugiai - -

Pupos (pašarinės)

- -


343 341


    Atsiskaitymas per 15 darbo dienų po grūdų pristatymo.

Kainos galioja nuo 2020 m. liepos mėn. 07 d.  14:00 val. iki kito pranešimo. 

Darbo laikas:

Ukmergėje pirmadienis - penktadienis 07.30 - 16.00 val.

Jonavoje  pirmadienis - penktadienis 07.30 - 16.00 val. 

Smulkesnė informacija:

Tel. Jonavoje: +37034954743, +37034952778, mob. tel.: +37061553341 

Tel. Ukmergėje:   +37034063494, +37034051138, mob. tel.: +37068796897




Dear business partners,

In the last few years Jonavos grūdai, AB invested approx. 5 million litas in the infrastructure and equipment modernization projects. All investments were targeted at increasing the quality of services or expanding their range. We took special preparatory actions for this season and would like to offer you the following:
1. In Jonava elevator and Ukmergė storages we collect all kinds of grain and rapeseed.
2. If you intend to store grain for a longer period of time, lower rates will be applied.
3. We quickly pay for grain you sell.
In order to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation we are open and ready to consider and accept your requests, suggestions and comments.
Paulius Kaselis, Managing director