Social responsability

Socially responsible business is a priority of Jonava Grain. For us, responsibility is an understanding that when providing quality services to our customers, we must take into account not only business, but also social and environmental aspects.

The main directions of social responsibility:

• We take care of the company’s employees, giving them the right working conditions and great opportunities for improvement. In order to take a responsible view of occupational safety and health, the company has implemented the ISO 45001 – 2018 Occupational Safety and Health Management System, which it constantly follows. The company creates conditions for employees to improve and improve their qualifications by participating in external courses, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, and continuing their studies at universities.

• All employees of the company are insured against accidents and / or injuries at work;

• We communicate not only at work, but also spend our free time together, organize trips.

• We support employee families by creating little Christmas miracles.

• The company complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. In order to contribute to the protection of the environment, the company follows the requirements of the ISO14001 – 2015 environmental standard, promotes the efficient use of cost-effective and pollution-reducing work equipment.