AB Jonavos grūdai activities: services and trade. The company buys and stores grain from about 30 joint-stock companies, private limited companies and agricultural cooperatives.

The functions of the elevator performed by the company:

  • Reception of grain, rape, peas, beans
  • Determining the quality of grain, rape, peas, beans
  • Grain, rape, pea, bean drying cleaning
  • Storage of grain, rape, peas, beans
  • Loading of grain, rape, peas, beans into road transport or railway wagons

Elevator capacity in Jonava – 113 thousand. tons. There are 3 dryers, cleaning equipment. Up to 1.5 thousand can be loaded or unloaded automatically per day. t of grain / oilseed rape (loading into wagons and cars). The elevator is capable of receiving up to 5.5 thousand. tons of grain / rape per day.

Currently, the Company consists of 2 operating grain reception and storage complexes established in the following districts of Lithuania: elevator in Jonava, grain / rapeseed purchase / reception point – in Ukmergė.


  • We apply a flexible discount system for longer storage of grain and rapeseed.
  • We are expanding the types of cultures we accept.
  • We can transport products from the farm to our elevators
  • We order wagons and send the goods to the customer.

Elevator service fees:

No. Service Price without VAT EUR
1. Acceptance of cereals, Eur/t 3,50
2. Acceptance of rapeseed, beans, peas, Eur/t 3,70
3. Grain cleaning, Eur /1 percent/t 1,69
4. Cleaning of rape, beans, peas, Eur/1 proc./t 2,29
 5. Grain drying, Eur /1 percent/t 3,47
 6. Rape drying, Eur/1 percent./t 3,76
 7. Drying of beans, peas, Eur/1 percent./t 3,80
 8. Drying of grain, rape, beans, peas from 01.11.2019(at + temperature), Eur/1 percent./t. 4,05
 9. Storage of grain in July - December, Eur/t/ month. 1,89
 10. Storage of oilseed rape, peas, beans July - December, Eur/t/month. 2,20
 11. Storage of grain, rape, beans, peas January - June, Eur/ month. 1,65
 12 Determination of wheat gluten by washing, Eur/pc.                                                               6,37