Jonavos grūdai, AB regularly buys all kinds of grain and rapeseed at competitive prices in Jonava and Ukmergė.
We pay for grain within 5-10 days from the delivery of grain. For more information, please, call 8-680-36172.

Dear, business partners,

In the last few years Jonavos grūdai, AB invested approx. 5 million litas in the infrastructure and equipment modernization projects. All investments were targeted at increasing the quality of services or expanding their range. We took special preparatory actions for this season and would like to offer you the following:
1. In Jonava elevator and Ukmergė storages we collect all kinds of grain and rapeseed.
2. If you intend to store grain for a longer period of time, lower rates will be applied.
3. We quickly pay for grain you sell.
In order to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation we are open and ready to consider and accept your requests, suggestions and comments.
Paulius Kaselis, Managing director

Documents required for conclusion of grain purchase or storage agreements:

1. Passport or other document that proves identity.
2. Power of attorney to sign an agreement, if it is not a manager of a company or owner of grain who signs the agreement.
3. Registration certificate of a company or farm.
4. VAT payer’s certificate.
5. Certificate of application of a special chargeable event, if its holder wants to use it.
6. Declaration of crops.
7. Notice or certificate regarding the registration in the list of feed business operators.
8. Current bank account number, name and code of the bank.
For more information, please contact Mantas Butas, Manager of the Department of Commerce and Innovations: tel.: +370 349 54743, e-mail: