Grain purchase

Documents required for conclusion of grain purchase or storage agreements:

  1. Passport or other document that proves identity.
  2. Power of attorney to sign an agreement, if it is not a manager of a company or owner of grain who signs the agreement.
  3. Registration certificate of a company or farm.
  4. VAT payer’s certificate.
  5. Certificate of application of a special chargeable event, if its holder wants to use it.
  6. Declaration of crops.
  7. Notice or certificate regarding the registration in the list of feed business operators.
  8. Current bank account number, name and code of the bank.


The following companies buy grain and rapeseed from our company:

AB “Jonavos grūdai
UAB „Agrochema“
UAB „Agrorodeo”
UAB „Agrokoncerno grūdai“
UAB „Baltic Agro“
AB „Linas Agro“
UAB „Grainmore”
ŽŪK „Jukagros“

And other entities that have service agreements with us.

For more information on sale of grain, please call: +370 349 54743, +370 699 12161, +370 685 56