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ISO 9001:2015

Quality policy

High quality services are the major success factor determining the successful competition in the service market which meets international requirements. 
High quality services mean that:
•    Services were provided to the client in accordance with agreed requirements;
•    Services were provided in time;
•    Services were provided effectively, without jeopardizing the economic interests and objectives of the company.

Stability of the quality of the services provided by the Company is ensured with the help of the quality management system which is constantly improved in order to better meet the quality stability criteria.

To ensure the high quality of the provided services the Company set the following objectives:
•    To evaluate the company’s opportunities objectively, foresee perspective directions of the company’s activities and formulate the company’s development strategy;
•    To develop an effective management system and optimum management links;
•    To address issues concerning formation of a team of specialists and their motivation;
•    To provide qualified consultations to the company’s clients;
•    To ensure high quality work in all services and areas of activity of the Company.